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Erin McNulty Visits the Comox Valley

Posted on July 05, 2017 by Myra Wilson  |  0 Comments

Former National Team Goalkeeper Inspires young CVUSC goalkeepers

CVUSC was fortunate to have Erin McNulty visit the Comox Valley on June 17th and 18th to work with our aspiring goalkeepers.

Erin is a former U-20 national team goalkeeper and played NCAA soccer for Florida State University and Penn State University. Shel Brodsgaard, director of soccer operations for the Upper Island Riptide, coached Erin when she was with the National team.

On Saturday she ran two 75-minute goalkeeper clinics for young female goalies U9-U11 from CVUSC with the support of Riptide Mentor coaches and it was fantastic. There were more than 40 participants in these sessions and all players worked very hard to learn and improve their goalkeeper skills.

On Sunday morning she gave a presentation to 35-40 parents and players from the CVUSC DS program, as well as a few special guests from the Gorge Soccer Association, who were participating in the year end Jamboree to follow. The talk was very well received by the young players and parents, leaving everyone with the question as to when we should do this again.

On Sunday she also ran a training session for the CVUSC U18 Girls team for 90 minutes. The session was sharp, lively and intense. The team had a lot of fun and certainly enjoyed the wonderful experience to train with Erin

The CVUSC would like to extend a big thank you to Shel Brodsgaard and the Upper Island Riptide for helping us organize this event. We hope to have more terrific events like this that allow us to work together with the Upper Island Riptide.


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