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Development Stream Resources

This page has been created as a resource for our U9-U11 Development Stream Program. The documents and session plans have been created by CVUSC Coaches Jaime McDowell and Trevor Hill, along with CVUSC Director of Development, Stefan Szkwarek.

DS Goals and Themes

DS Goals and Themes file size (8 KB)

Practice Field Layout

DS Session Practices file size (431 KB)

Session #1 First Touch

DS Session #1 First Touch file size (1299 KB)

Session #2 Transitions

DS Session #2 Transitions file size (1446 KB)

Session #3 Attacking the Goal

DS Session #3 Attacking the Goal file size (1348 KB)

Session #4 Taking 1v1 opportunities

DS Session #4 Taking 1v1 opportunities file size (39 KB)

Session #5 Combination Play

DS Session #5 Combination Play file size (37 KB)