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Performance Programming Announcement

Dear Members:

We wanted to provide you with an update regarding Competitive Soccer on the Island and the process leading up to an expected season Kick Off in September 2021. 

Firstly apologies we haven’t been able to communicate sooner however we are still waiting for UISA to roll out the official ratified structure. That said we have put together a detailed brochure (which is linked) to give you the information that we know today (with some FAQ’s). 

**Please be mindful that the information in this document is subject to change once UISA release the full details of their competitive league which is estimated June 4th 2021**.

A few items of note: 

1. Registration for the Selects Program is now live. Please visit our online registration application to register. 

2. Player Placements Dates are scheduled. **For this year only due to the constraints of the pandemic placements will be in July. Next year they will take place in line with previous pre-pandemic years.**

Teams formed & communicated end July/early August

All players are to be registered prior to team placement

3. Coaching Applications - We are looking for all coaches to register interest & make this process as objective as possible.

Coach meetings to take place WB 19th July via Zoom

To close out, please keep all questions regarding the structure of the UISA League until UISA have officially released their league structure & descriptions. 

Any other questions regarding player placement & coach placement can be directed to: 

Craig Angus Technical Lead

Adam Mooi Manager of Soccer Operations & Assistant Technical Lead

Darrin McLeod Programming Co-ordinator 

Performance Program Brochure Click Here:

Selects Performance Program Page Click Here