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UDP - No programs currently running

CVUSC Club has developed a program which is regarded as one of the most successful on Vancouver Island. Our staff will continue to develop and review the methodology utilized in the areas of coaching to ensure the best available practice is delivered consistently. We are aware that each player will grow, develop and mature at different stages throughout their time in the Club. Therefore, it is important that we have a program which is age specific.

The 4'S / Key Points

Key Points Related to our Player Development, in no specific order:

  • ATHLETICISM: speed, agility, stamina/endurance, strength, reactions, mobility
  • ATTITUDE: competitiveness, mental strength, courage, general behaviour
  • AWARENESS: head-up awareness, decision making, positional sense
  • ABILITY: passing, moving with the ball, heading, finishing, control/ first touch, tricks

U7 - U8 Players

Priority will always be technique

Fun, enjoyable and varied practices. Emphasis is put on technique & game awareness with contact time with the ball.

  1. Individual skills and techniques with lots of repetition.
  2. Introduction to game awareness.
  3. Problem solving drills.
  4. Physical development i.e Balance,Co-ordination, Speed and agility work.
  5. Relationship work (unopposed with other players i.e passing & receiving).
  6. Opposed practices. (1v1, 2v1, 2v2).
  7. Small- Sided Game (4x4, 5x5).
  8. Let them play games.
  9. The style of coaching is more let them play & guided discovery with the use of the breaks for time out.
  10. Reflect

U11 - U16

Priority will always be given to attacking play

Playing creative and attacking.

  1. Emphasis on speed of play and accuracy of pass & receiving and shooting.
  2. Opposed and unopposed games.
  3. Game related practices/ tactical work.
  4. All sessions have a theme.

Schedules Fields, When & Where

There are no upcoming UDP Clinics