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Dribbling, the ability to maintain individual possession is the core skill to be successful in all aspects of soccer.   The player who is confident and comfortable in possession of the ball and able to gain a time/space advantage on opponents by manipulation (or shielding) the ball will have the greatest influence on their individual and team success.  

Win the 1v1 battles, keeping possession, is the foundations on which all game tactics and team play is founded.  Teams who demonstrate a positive, confident, and determined mentality to achieve success in 1v1 duals will have greater success in all the global game principles.  You can score without an inherent ability to keep the ball.

Focusing on dribbling and 1v1 is CVUSC Core Player Habit.  U4 to U6 players development approach is Motor Skill Development and the players love for the ball.  Key focus: Physical Literacy, 1v1 Attacking and Scoring Goals.  U7 to U12 player development approach is the player the ball and the Defender.  Key focuses, in additions to those for the U4 to U6, Vision & Awareness and Mentality to Recover the Ball.

Players should be encouraged to use both feet, all the parts of the foot (including the sole), to go in various directions (forward, back and sideways), to build a repertoire of skills to deal with all the scenario’s they will encounter.

Players should have a range of techniques that can be used to deal with all the scenario’s described in the 1v1 Attacking player habit.  Varied and better techniques raise the players competency and raises the mentality to dominate the duel.

1v1 Attacking Dribbling 

Stages of Development

Stage 1 Motor Skills Development and Introduction to the ball

Stage 2 Me, My Ball and my love for the ball

  • U-Turn (Pull Back)
  • L-Turn
    • Double L-Turn
  • Rolls
  • Sole Roll Turn
  • Drag Backs
  • Sticky Tape

Step 3 Me, My Ball and the Defender