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Dear Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Team Managers & Bank account signors,

Thank you all for volunteering your time, experience and enthusiasm to promote youth soccer here in the Comox Valley and for accepting your role as a volunteer (coach, assistant coach, team manager and/or bank account signor) for the Comox Valley United Soccer Club (CVUSC).

In accepting the position of a volunteer for the CVUSC, it is necessary to have a criminal record check as we are working with children and team monies. The process has changed and we no longer go through the RCMP as most of you have done in the past.

BC Soccer also requires that all volunteers have a current criminal record check (CRC) and that it must be re-done every three years.

The new online system (eCRC) is through the Ministry of Justice. All volunteers need to submit an online request:

Online CRC Application

Online Link:

Access Code: G4XJZXBYCY

Please be sure to use your legal name and when asked for position type "Volunteer Coach or Volunteer Manager". There is no charge for this service if acting as a volunteer.

Please note that you can only attempt the online process twice every 72 hours if you are initially unsuccessful.

If you receive the error message, "The system could not complete your request to initiate a criminal record check online", follow the prompt to print and sign the forms, along with the organization's (CVUSC) verification. You then need to call the Ministry of Justice, Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP) toll free: 1-855-587-0185 for help in completing the criminal record check process.

If you have questions about the new online service please view the website for more information:

Please complete this online process asap as this matter is urgent (working with children) and time sensitive (BC Soccer regulations). Please record your session ID provided to you upon completion. Thank you!