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CVUSC will be starting up Spring Soccer April 19th. This program is designed to get players back on the pitch and to work on technical and fitness based training. As a club, we are restricted by the types of activities that players can be involved in and so we will be providing a program that meets the requirements of ViaSport, Canada Soccer and BC Soccer. We want to clearly communicate that the program is individual skills and fitness based and players will be not be training with their teams, nor competing with opposition. Our priorities are to provide a safe environment, recognizing health, cleanliness and social distancing policies as outlined by the above mentioned organizations.

We will endeavour to provide a safe, fun, and learning environment where players can compete against themselves and others. All sessions will be run by our Technical staff coaches.

Programming for players U6 - U18 are based on the rigorous guidelines by ViaSport and BC Soccer.  Return to Sport Guidelines (ViaSport).

Each session lasts for 60 minutes with 30 minutes in between for the safe departure of your child and safe arrival for the next session.

We are required to follow strict protocols to ensure the safety of the players, coaches, and staff. This will include temperature checks for all players and staff before each session, the use of hand sanitizers before and after each session, and social distancing processes. Before you register your child for these sessions, please review our club's Return to Play Plan.

You should also review the pre-session Player Checklist which outlines all of the requirements  you and your child must follow in order to participate. We are required to ensure that everyone understands and follows all of the steps in the Return to Play Plan. This is a requirement set forth by BC Soccer and ViaSport, as well as the City of Comox / Courtney in order to use the fields and facilities.

* Failure to follow all of the steps outlined in these documents could result in your child being removed from the program.

At the Field

Parents, guardians, or other adults transporting the youth to training sessions are encouraged to drop off and go. If they are insistent on remaining at the field, they are requested to remain in the vehicle in the parking area.

Please Check out the Documentation on CVUSC's Return to Play Plan for Phase One.