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Comox Valley United’s Competitive Stream is for all players aged U12 - U18 that want to develop in a performance based program that will allow them to compete versus other Upper Island & Lower Island competition.


To be a leader in grassroots sport best practices


To provide opportunity and promote the enjoyment of, a passion for, and participation in, the sport of soccer.


 Honesty, Respect, Integrity, Inclusivity, Innovation, and Transparency

Programming is for all boys & girls who can & want to commit to a full time competitive soccer:

The program is split into 3 unique phases of competition & development:  

Phase 1 - September - December: (Development phase #1) consists of games vs LISA & UISA Clubs.  Includes all U12 - U18 teams.  End of December - early January - Program shut down for the Holidays & New Year

Phase 2 - January - March: (Development phase #2) consists of games vs UISA clubs only. Includes all U12 - U18 teams. 

The end of the Jan to March phase will consist of a Play-off tournament called the Island Cup sometime in March for all teams in the development league. 

Phase 3 - April - June: consists of a combination of travel league play, tournaments, jamborees and exhibition games.  Includes all U14-U18 A Cup players.  U12 and U13 Players do not participate in Phase 3.  They are encouraged to play in the VYSL. 

Players placements happen in the Spring.  Click the Placements tab above for more information.  

Once placed, players will be expected to train twice a week (starting in September) and be available to play on Sundays throughout the season.  They will travel to other communities as well as host teams from other North and South Island communities as part of league play. They will also participate in both Provincial and Island Cup play downs.

Parents will be expected to volunteer with various aspects of the teams' participation in league play. This could mean taking a turn at putting up and taking down nets or assisting in the lining of the field for home games etc.

For more information contact our Director of Soccer

United Development Program Information: Click Here 

Youth Select Performance Formation | League Play

Games are played on Sundays throughout the Upper and Lower Island communities of Ladysmith, Nanaimo, Oceanside, Port Alberni, Campbell River, Powell River and Victoria. Teams will travel to other communities as well as host teams from other North and South Island communities as part of league play.

They will also participate in both Provincial and Island Cup play downs. Teams qualifying for Provincials will play until July.  Phases of play are described under the Information Tab.

Comox Valley United will field Super 8 (8v8 Game Format) teams at U12 and U13.  Plus U14 to U18 (11v11 Game Format). 

U12-U13 Divisions (8v8 game format) 2-4 teams per division.  Will have multiple teams per division.  Each team will be formed using a flexible approach by understanding the identification & placement of players in these ages is tough due to many children still being in the childhood stage of their development.  However competency of each individual will still form a vital tool in placing players & forming our super 8 teams.  

Team will be formed using the relative skill of each individual (technical ability with the ball), potential positional needs of the team to ensure team balance, and commitment level of individual players (eg. A multi-sport athlete may be more suited to one team versus another)

U14-U18 divisions (11v11 game format)

Depending on player numbers and other factors, U14+ teams will be balanced or tiered

    Players will be exposed to all 4 corners of development (Technical/Tactical, Physical, Psychological, Social) based on their age and stage of development. 

    Youth Select League | Cup Play

    Update: May 2021 - Upper Island Soccer and Lower Island Soccer are currently restructuring soccer programming on the Island.   Cup Play could be affected depending on the results of the program changes.  This page will be updated once final cup play is determined.

    Cup play will be made available once confirmed by Upper Island Soccer

    U13 Girls Thunder - Island Invitational Cup Champions
    U13 Boys Predators - Island Invitational Cup Champions
    U15 Girls Aftershock - B Cup 7th
    U16 Boys Red Devils - B Cup 7th. Coastal Cup ___
    U18 Boys Tournament team - Steve Bonnett Memorial Tournament Gold Medal, writeup in April 2012 Newsletter

    U12 Girls Thunder - Coastal Classic Cup Silver medal
    U13 Boys Vipers - B Cup Bronze Medal
    U13 Boys Red Strike - B Cup 7th, Island Invitational Cup Champions
    U13 Girls Fury - B Cup 8th, Fair Play Award
    U14 Boys Vipers - B Cup Gold medal, Island Invitational Cup Champions
    U14 Girls  S.W.A.T. - B Cup 6th, Island Invitational Cup Champions
    U18 Girls  Evolution - B Cup Silver medal, Island Invitational Cup Champions

    U13 Girls S.W.A.T. - B Cup 6th, writeup
    U13 Boys Vipers - B Cup Bronze medal
    U14 Boys Vipers - B Cup Bronze medal, Coastal Cup Champions
    U17 Girls Evolution - B Cup 7th, Coastal Cup Champions, Island Cup Champions, writeup
    U18 Girls Red Tide - B Cup 5th, Island Cup Champions
    U18 Girls Hots Spurs - C Cup Classic Coastal Champions

    U13 Boys Red Devils - B Cup 5th, Coastal Cup Champions, Island Invitational Cup Champions
    U13 Girls Crimson Crush - B Cup Gold medal, Island Cup Silver medal
    U14 Boys High Voltage - Island Invitational Cup Champions
    U16 Girls Hot Tamales - B Cup 6th, Island Invitational Cup Champions
    U16/17 Girls Hot Spurs - Coastal Cup Champions
    U17 Girls Red Tide - B Cup Bronze medal

    U16 Girls Red Tide - B Cup 5th - Island Invitational Cup Champions - Coastal Cup Semi-finalist
    U13 Boys High Voltage - (5th)

    U16 Girls - Island Cup Finalist
    U17 Boys Vikings (PHIL)
    U12 Boys High Voltage
    U13 Boys Tournament Team - Steve Bonnett Memorial Tournament Gold Medal

    U15 Girls Red Tide - Island Cup Finalist

    U14 Girls Red Tide - Island Cup Finalist
    U13 Girls Red Hot Tamales - Provincial Finalist (Silver) - Coastal Cup Champions

    U13 Girls Red Tide - Provincial Finalist (4th) - UISA Island Cup Champions - Coastal Cup Finalist
    U12 Girls Red Hot Tamales - Provincial Finalist (?)

    Youth Select League | Competitive Player Placement Process

    Comox Valley United Soccer Club will no longer be holding formal ‘tryouts/evaluations/ placements’ for our Competitive (formerly known as ‘Selects’) stream.


      1. Reduces player stress and anxiety
      2. CVUSC wants to include and service as many players as possible within our programming
      3. CVUSC believes all players should play at the level that they desire to play (Valley Youth Soccer League (VYSL) or Competitive)
        1. Key differences between VYSL and Competitive streams are commitment level and mindset
      4. CVUSC Technical Staff and Coaches are constantly monitoring and evaluating players in their own environment (VYSL or Competitive)


    1. Player registers for their preferred stream (VYSL or Competitive)
      1. Competitive registration period occurs from mid-April to mid-May
      2. Fall VYSL registration period occurs from mid-June to end of July
    2. Once registration closes players are placed on teams based on performance and commitment from previous season(s) by CVUSC Technical Staff with consultation of Club Coaches
      1. Super8 (U12 & U13) teams will be created to be as balanced as possible
      2. Depending on player numbers and other factors, U14+ teams will be balanced or tiered
    3. For players that have not played with the club previously and want to play in the competitive stream the following steps will take place:
      1. U12 & U13 (Super8) players will be placed on a team to start the season, however may be moved onto a different team if significant team imbalances occur
      2. U14+ players will join 2-4 training sessions with the appropriate team/level during June window the season before
        1. Eg. A player who registers for the competitive soccer for the 2022/2023 season will train with the appropriate team/level in June 2022

    *CVUSC is committed to keeping as many players playing as possible and placing players in the most appropriate environments. This being said, please be aware that there are various constraints and team formation requires numerous factors to be considered.

    Registration will open mid April for the 2022-2023 Select Season.  CVUSC will field teams to play in the Upper Island Soccer Association Leagues in September.  

    All players must register to be considered for the program.  Registration will closes by the end of June 25.  More information can be found here: Registration Information.  

    Questions can be directed to the club's Technical Lead

    • Can my Under 11 (a year younger) child be considered for this program?

      Children who have shown high potential/high performance & full commitment in previous programming will only be considered - the clubs staff will reach out directly to those identified through UDP (ACADEMY) & Valley youth soccer League (VYSL) programming.

    • Do I have to register to be placed on a team?

      Yes all players must be registered beforehand so they and the club are covered by BC Soccer’s registration and the club can plan accordantly to place players and form teams.  

    • My child plays multiple sports, will this be considered?

      Yes, we want to support children to be able to play multiple sports without having to choose until they really need or want too.  Please email our staff so a tailored plan can be developed to support participation & commitment to soccer.

    • My player wants to be with certain friends & certain coaches. Why are they not with their friends?

      In some cases players will be placed with current friends, in some cases players will be asked to make new friends, just like we all have done in our everyday lives. This ties into our philosophy that this is more than soccer & key life skills will be created by playing this game. However all players in each division will train together albeit in separate groups thus meaning carpooling social with friends can take place & they will still see each other week to week.

    • What does it cost to play?

      U12 and U13 player fee is $375 plus purchase of club jerseys, shorts, socks and training tops.

      U14 to U18 players fess is $450 plus purchase of club jerseys, shorts, socks and training tops.

    • What do the fee’s cover?

      The fee’s cover a large number of expenses including but not limited to the following:  Registration with Upper Island Soccer, BC Soccer and Canada Soccer.  Game Officials.  Playing equipment.  Rain kit for coaches. Staff wages, the club employees a full time administrator and Technical Lead plus three part time positions.  Registration for one tournament for all Select teams.  Turf field recapitulation fee.  Office expenses. Capital Projects like the new change rooms scheduled to be built in the fall of 2021.  Coaching Courses and Referee courses - All our coaches are required to be certified and have to take at minimum three courses over a career.  The club also pays to train Referees and to have them re-certified.  

    • What if my player does not want to partake in the academy program however wants to play for their team? Is this an option?

      Yes.  We don’t want to force players to train in the academy however given that repetition is the key to getting better, fulfillment & enjoyment in any activity, we want all players to do academy programming to enhance performances within their teams & their games.

    • What is a typical training week programming consist of?

      Note this may be different due to scheduling needs & individual player needs however 4 days per week is typical for competitive soccer programming in Canada

      Example 1: Monday UDP Academy programming Academy programming delivered by professional academy staff.  Tuesday Premier selects team practice. Training delivered by team coach.  WednesdayDay off.  Thursday Premier selects team practice.  Friday Day off.  Saturday Day off.  Sunday Match Competitive game day.

      Example 2:  Monday UDP Academy programming Academy programming delivered by professional academy staff. Tuesday Day off. Wednesday Premier selects team practice. Training delivered by team coach Thursday Day off. Friday Premier selects team practice. Training delivered by team coach. Saturday Day off. Sunday Match day Competitive game day.

    • Will everyone be placed on a team?

      CVUSC is committed to keeping as many players playing as possible and placing players in the most appropriate environments. 

      This being said, please be aware that there are various constraints and team formation requires numerous factors to be considered.

    • Will I have any other fees if successful making a team?

      Yes teams will attend tournaments, showcases and can qualify for Provincials. These expenses are not covered by registration fees.