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CVUSC Select Team Program | Information

The Upper Vancouver Island League takes place between September and March every year. Players are selected on an annual basis and each year there are new tryouts. Tryouts take place over the course of May/June - the dates and locations to be announced at the end of April. Once selected, players will be expected to train twice a week (starting in September) and be available to play on Sundays throughout the season with a short break around Christmas. They will travel to other communities as well as host teams from other North Island communities as part of league play. They will also participate in both Provincial and Island Cup play downs.

Select Evaluations start May/June 2020. Please visit the evaluations of our website for details, times & locations.

Parents will be expected to volunteer with various aspects of the teams' participation in league play. This could mean taking a turn at putting up and taking down nets or assisting in the lining of the field for home games etc.


If you are new to the Comox Valley, having moved here over the summer months, and are interested in being evaluated for placement on a select team, this is the process:

  • Parent needs to contact Office Administrator, Cheri or the Select Coach to confirm practice time, date & location
  • TD and VP Select will bring together evaluation team to identify players at evaluations

Youth Select League | League Play

Games are played on Sundays throughout the Upper Island communities of Ladysmith, Nanaimo, Oceanside, Port Alberni, Campbell River and Powell River. Teams will travel to other communities as well as host teams from other North Island communities as part of league play.

They will also participate in both Provincial and Island Cup play downs. Teams qualifying for Provincials will play until July.

League play is governed by the Upper Island Soccer Association. Information on the league including game schedules and results can be found on the UISA website.

CVUSC tries to field girls and boys teams in all age groups, U12 to U18 competing in the Upper Vancouver Island League.

Youth Select League | Cup Play

In addition to regular league play, every season has a series of cup competitions. The main one that concern most teams are Provincial Cup, but there are also other "cup" titles such as Island Cup and Coastal Cup that involve different routes to qualify. We get a lot of questions from parents and coaches about how cup play works, so here are some short explanations:

Provincial "B" Cup

This is a BC championship for Select level teams in U13-U18. To get to the Provincial B Cup Finals tournament in July, your Select team has to win the B Cup "playdowns" for our district (UISA district). The playdowns are a series of single-knockout games with the other Select teams in your division, starting in early/mid February usually. If you win the playdowns within UISA, you still have to win one more game to be named Vancouver Island B Cup representative for the BC Provincials tournament -- you have to beat the B Cup playdown champion from the Lower Island district (e.g. Bays United, Cordova Bay, Gordon Head, Gorge Soccer, Juan de Fuca, Lakehill, or Peninsula usually). 

Island Cup
This is not a "real" cup competition in the sense of having playdowns and single knockout. Island Cup is simply one championship game for "bragging rights" to the name of Island Champion, played between the Gold division champion of LISA and the Select division champion of the north island district. Other than the title, winning the Island Cup does not award you entry into any further provincial or national competitions. This game is usually played in late April/early May.

UISA determines their Island Cup representative with a round robin tournament help in March or April usually.

Coastal Cup
This is a quasi-cup competition. The lower mainland Gold teams around Vancouver use this as their qualifying tournament for Provincial B Cup (see above). The B Cup playdown winners of the various Vancouver-area districts playoff against each other, and they invite the Island B Cup representative to play as well. Win or lose, the Island B Cup representative still goes to the Provincial B Cup tournament in July, but the Coastal Cup may provide a sneak preview of some of the teams that could be faced there.

Comox Valley United Select and C-Cup
The unique history of soccer in our club and on the Island, Lower Main Land and BC has resulted in different terms to identify our representative team. CVUSC identifies our teams competing in UISA as "Select". Other UISA clubs call their teams "Select" or "Rep" while LISA and Lower Main Land call these teams "Gold". "Select", "Rep" and "Gold" all compete for the BC Provincial "B" Cup. Teams competing for the Provincial "A" Cup are identified as "Metro" by all three districts.

Cup Cup explanation.....
Comox Valley United Provincial Champions and Finalist

Every season, CV United will usually have Select teams qualify for the Provincial B Cup finals in July. It's an extremely difficult road to even qualify for the final tournament of 8 regional BC teams, so these teams can already be considered "champions" of sorts. Many CV United teams have gone on to distinguish themselves at the Provincial finals, Coastal Cups, and Island Cups over the years.

U13 Girls Thunder - Island Invitational Cup Champions
U13 Boys Predators - Island Invitational Cup Champions
U15 Girls Aftershock - B Cup 7th
U16 Boys Red Devils - B Cup 7th. Coastal Cup ___
U18 Boys Tournament team - Steve Bonnett Memorial Tournament Gold Medal, writeup in April 2012 Newsletter

U12 Girls Thunder - Coastal Classic Cup Silver medal
U13 Boys Vipers - B Cup Bronze Medal
U13 Boys Red Strike - B Cup 7th, Island Invitational Cup Champions
U13 Girls Fury - B Cup 8th, Fair Play Award
U14 Boys Vipers - B Cup Gold medal, Island Invitational Cup Champions
U14 Girls  S.W.A.T. - B Cup 6th, Island Invitational Cup Champions
U18 Girls  Evolution - B Cup Silver medal, Island Invitational Cup Champions

U13 Girls S.W.A.T. - B Cup 6th, writeup
U13 Boys Vipers - B Cup Bronze medal
U14 Boys Vipers - B Cup Bronze medal, Coastal Cup Champions
U17 Girls Evolution - B Cup 7th, Coastal Cup Champions, Island Cup Champions, writeup
U18 Girls Red Tide - B Cup 5th, Island Cup Champions
U18 Girls Hots Spurs - C Cup Classic Coastal Champions

U13 Boys Red Devils - B Cup 5th, Coastal Cup Champions, Island Invitational Cup Champions
U13 Girls Crimson Crush - B Cup Gold medal, Island Cup Silver medal
U14 Boys High Voltage - Island Invitational Cup Champions
U16 Girls Hot Tamales - B Cup 6th, Island Invitational Cup Champions
U16/17 Girls Hot Spurs - Coastal Cup Champions
U17 Girls Red Tide - B Cup Bronze medal

U16 Girls Red Tide - B Cup 5th - Island Invitational Cup Champions - Coastal Cup Semi-finalist
U13 Boys High Voltage - (5th)

U16 Girls - Island Cup Finalist
U17 Boys Vikings (PHIL)
U12 Boys High Voltage
U13 Boys Tournament Team - Steve Bonnett Memorial Tournament Gold Medal

U15 Girls Red Tide - Island Cup Finalist

U14 Girls Red Tide - Island Cup Finalist
U13 Girls Red Hot Tamales - Provincial Finalist (Silver) - Coastal Cup Champions

U13 Girls Red Tide - Provincial Finalist (4th) - UISA Island Cup Champions - Coastal Cup Finalist
U12 Girls Red Hot Tamales - Provincial Finalist (?)

Youth Select League | Evaluations

Select player evaluations, for the 2021/2022 season have not been scheduled. The club anticipates of returning to league play in September. Before hand the Upper Island Soccer Association and Lower Island Soccer Association are reformatting Island Soccer for Tier 2 and Tier 3. Once the new Island Soccer structure is determined the Club will role out our programming.

Players are encouraged to play in the Spring VYSL season as play in this league will be part of our evaluation process. Click Here for VYSL Information.