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Field Status Updated
Valley View #1
January 21 at 7:07AM
Valley View #2
January 21 at 7:09AM
Valley View #3
January 21 at 7:08AM
January 21 at 7:09AM
Highland #5
January 21 at 7:06AM
Highland #6
January 21 at 7:07AM
Vanier Turf
January 11 at 11:54AM

OPEN: Field is Open for play | CLOSED: Training or Games may not be played when field is closed | CAUTION: Field is playable, but closure may be imminent

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Below is a list of training schedules per team/division. This page is updated frequently throughout the season, so please check back often. Training Schedules last updated on: October 16th, 2016

House Team Training Session Bookings: Please email your Age Group Contact to confirm your team's training time/date/venue.

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House Teams

Spring 2017 House Team Training Schedules will be posted in the New Year. If you have any questions about the Fall/Winter Training Schedule, please contact your Age Group Contact.

General Team Training Info & Guidelines

Specific information on training locations, times, etc for individual teams will be communicated to players by their coaches and team managers. Specifics regarding Development Program and Summer Camp locations and times will be posted on our website and also communicated to participants via e-mail.

Youth players attending training sessions or team practices should always be outfitted with soccer cleats and shin pads and be dressed for the weather. Yes, we do practice in the rain!!! Along with proper attire, each child should bring with them a water bottle.

We ask for your cooperation in making sure that your child is on time for practice and also ensure that you are at the practice venue at least 10 minutes prior to the end of the session. Our coaches will appreciate parents helping out in collecting equipment and it may give you an opportunity to check with your child’s coach on how things are going!

Most of our practice fields are natural grass and we are subject to weather cancellations on occasion, it is important that when you are delivering your child to the pitch for practice please make sure that a coach is on hand before leaving the facility.

For House teams (U10 and above), players should not wear their team jersey to training sessions. The team jersey is intended for game use only.

Jewelry (including watches, earrings and other items) should not be worn at practice or in game situations.