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Field Status Updated
Valley View #1
January 21 at 7:07AM
Valley View #2
January 21 at 7:09AM
Valley View #3
January 21 at 7:08AM
January 21 at 7:09AM
Highland #5
January 21 at 7:06AM
Highland #6
January 21 at 7:07AM
Vanier Turf
January 11 at 11:54AM

OPEN: Field is Open for play | CLOSED: Training or Games may not be played when field is closed | CAUTION: Field is playable, but closure may be imminent

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We have programmed several coaching clinics covering all areas of coaching development from the brand new parent, novice coach, through to select coach. The intent is to provide you with all the tools you need to develop yourself into the best coach and our youth into the best soccer players they can be, while having fun. CVUSC will typically only pay for one of these clinics per calendar year. Clinics will be held at the CVUSC Clubhouse and Valley View Fields. There is no better way to build your confidence and understanding of the basics of coaching We encourage all coaches take at least one clinic per year- our Comox Valley youth deserve it.

Fall / Winter Season | Upcoming Coaching Certification Courses and Clinics

Active Start - course # 1509

Saturday September 9th, 1:00-5:00pm, at the Clubhouse 

Course fee: FREE

Fundamentals - course #1510

Sunday September 10th, 9:00am-5:00pm, at the Clubhouse

Course fee: $42, but we will pay the fee for our CVUSC coaches.             


Coaches need to register via the BC Soccer Coach Center at